Friday, 10 February 2012

Butterflies moving again...

Well, the initial movement seems to have petered out, with nothing major in Arusha and most other northern Tanzania areas since Sunday. But starting last weekend I started hearing word of movement down on the coast, and then in Kenya, around Nairobi and Mt Kenya areas, all of butterflies headed south. The last couple of days I've been hearing about massive movements - at least as impressive as the original movements over the Pare Mts (around 400/min over a 20m line!) and in much of Kenya (but the Kenyan's haven't yet given me anything specific enough to actually map - come on!). These animals now seem to have arrived more widely in Tanzania, with arrivals in northern Serengeti reported for the first time now, as well as continued movement on the coast. And there are even a few trickling over Ilboru again now - though we're clouding up here and I'm not expecting much. But if you've been following the story, please keep your eyes open and keep reporting. Here's the latest map. Please do encourage your friends and contacts to get involved. (And I'd still love to know what happened around Singida to the original movement!)

View Butterfly eruption 2012 in a larger map

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